On Mastering the Mind – The Sensitive Persons Guide to Self Mastery

30th of November 2024

10am EST Time (7am PST, 3pm UK)

3 hour online workshop via Zoom, plus included in the price a private one-on-one session with Jim Rajan, the Principal of the School.

In this workshop we push the focus forward, and help you build on the relationship you have to yourself, the way you talk to yourself and treat yourself.
The central aspect of many spiritual and religious systems, mastering the mind is a beautiful process where you find out so much about who you are, more than you ever even knew existed.
This session is about putting you in the centre of your life in a way that is comfortable, effortless and actually enjoyable! Mastering the mind is opening the heart, expressing the joy of life itself, simply because you can. We use simply tools to create an inner freedom that you’ll love to delve further into each and every day.
In this 3 hour online workshop via zoom, we introduce you to our holistic system, The 5 Elements of Cohesion, and use it to help us navigate the magic you have within you as a sensitive person.
At The Subtle Qualities School we work together as a team. It’s fundamental for us that each person brings their own qualities, experience and perspective to the table. We learn together. We walk the human journey as a group. Unified and ever stronger.
Included in this course, each student will also have a private one-on-one 1 hour session with Jim Rajan, the School Principal to help integrate the work and build on self realisation.

79,00 $