The Subtle Qualities School

The place where sensitivity transforms into mastery.

It’s hard being sensitive. It’s so easy to look for what’s wrong with you, instead of seeing your sensibility as the super power it actually is.

Modern life wasn’t designed with you in mind. Nor was human society. Much of how normal life is laid out makes no sense to a sensing being like you. You’re a wild horse, untrainable, and yet strangely you spend all your time beating yourself up about that.

You feel deeply into the subtle qualities of life, but you think that’s normal, like everyone feels them. But they don’t. Everyone else’s life experience is much flatter, much more binary. You walk into a room full of people and are overwhelmed after the first step. The way you feel life would be like a sensory explosion to the rest of humanity. In reality only about 10% of people are of high sensitivity. The rest spend all their time craving for sensation, feeling and emotion. That’s why capitalism works so well.

The Subtle Qualities School for Sensitives is a dream of mine. It’s the school I wish my parents could have sent me to. Instead I had to go through huge trial and error. Much error. Much pain. Much suffering.

But the techniques we use in the school are what got me from a quivering traumatised fly on the wall, to someone who fully engages with life and uses their gift of high sensibility to bring value to the community. I made the school because it’s never, ever too late to take control of your life and turn it around.

We help you identify and amplify. We walk with you in letting go of false ideas of woundedness, and help you use what you are, so you can bring about change. You’re an antenna, which is incredible. You just need to channel that information to serve others, and of course, yourself. That’s where the meaning is.

Albert Einstein was a person of high sensitivity. He talked about the ‘natural order’ of things that runs beneath life. I call it the poetry beneath life. You are one of the few who can sense it. Feel it. Use it. Create from it.

The Subtle Qualities of Life present themselves through refined intuition, free expression and creation. Elusive for some, but not for you. When we help you strengthen your internal power, you’ll know what to do. It will just click, naturally and effortlessly.

Develop your sensitivity to be your most powerful asset

You build your own power, ethic, and vision to make yourself unstoppable.

Align yourself with Effortless Mastery

Weaving your skills and strenghts into an artistry of life.

Personalised accompaniment in a cyclic system of learning

Walking side-by-side with you through the transformation you have been waiting for.

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At the Subtle Qualities School human connection is fundamental. To commit to a program like this one is an important decision. So we like to have a personal phone or video call with every new applicant to answer all the questions you have, and make sure we’re a good fit for you as much as you are a good fit for us. The Science of Sentience Program will put you in the driving seat, on a potent path to change your future. This is a pivotal choice for you to make. It’s better we make it together.