Jim offers tailored mentoring for highly sensitive individuals and neurodivergent people, fostering self-discovery and empowerment in a supportive environment.


As Jim progresses in this work, the need has become more and more apparent to provide structured mentoring. An honest, open space where highly sensitive people have the opportunity to feel heard and listened to, deeply. A space where you can share without the need for a mask, or a rapid retreat into the secret self. No judgement, no blame and certainly no imposing on you what to do.

His one-on-one sessions are for those who are sensitive, neurodivergent, who feel different and separated from society, as well as the parents of children currently stifled by the system. 

Jim works with people of High Sensitivity, ADHD, dyslexia and other wonderfully creative perspectives, reminding you of your original code, helping you stay centred, focused and with clear vision. 

People like us are visionaries, we make emotionally intelligent leaders, and we have the capacity to tap into realms that most have numbed themselves to. But what we often need most is consistent encouragement, from someone who feels and experiences life in the same way we do.

Mentoring sessions with Jim help bring out parts of yourself you never even knew existed. He accompanies you upon the path of learning about yourself, and the gift that it is to feel these things.

The sessions are 55mins via zoom or WhatsApp chat.