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My healing work is based on frequency. My wife Maria says that I’ve developed my very high level of extrasensory perception through my sensitivity as a musician. I am able to listen to a person on the other side of the world simply by connecting to their base frequency, and my healing music is built around that sensitivity. It’s delicate and subtle, and my music and soundscapes are like journeys. Each one made with love, helping induce visions and transporting you to far off distant lands.

Many of my Healing Ceremony clients like to listen to my music while I’m working with them so that they can achieve a deeply meditative state where their vibration is higher and their inner vision clearer.

My music is the product of my nomadic ancestral roots spanning Persia, India, East Africa and then Europe. Check us out on Spotify and please make sure you follow us to know when there’s new music available.

Our music, guided meditations and visualisations are also on the Insight Timer App. We also do weekly Live Visualisation workshops there, too.

Here’s one of our best works on Insight Timer App. It’s called ‘The Wander of Jaipur’. Our 7300 followers gave it a rating of 97% and it’s had 28,500 listens!!! It takes you to another dimension! Click and take a listen

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Here’s what our followers say about our music:

‘A beautiful piece I use as my morning prayer to start my day’ – Bernadette, New Jersey, USA

‘I love this for a midday meditation. It’s very relaxing but not so much so that it makes me sleepy. It’s become my go-to Goldilocks just-right meditation music’ – John, InsightTimer

‘Hauntingly beautiful. This piece speaks to me from another lifetime. ❤️ from one of your regular Saturday morning LIVE community members’ – Donna, California, USA

‘Entering into a cave and the ever changing sounds, musical notes reverberating off the caves walls and ceilings as I traveled deeper into that unknown space with no end. My deep gratitude to you’ – Jack, NY, USA