Healing sounds that bring you to deeper presence.

Jim Rajan has been a devout student of the Bansuri flute for 18 years. He trained in Classical North Indian Music with Carlos Guerra and Ido Segal, and has participated in workshops given by Pandit Ronu Majumdar.

Jim has performed in meditation retreats, mindfulness conferences, concerts and healing workshops. Many of Jim’s clients like to use recordings of his music while he is doing their Healing Ceremony to enrich the connective experience. As most of his clients are on the other side of the world from Jim, listening to his music helps them open up and present themselves more freely during sessions.

As a producer and composer, Jim creates rich soundscapes with eastern themes. He naturally draws on his nomadic heritage that charted its way through Persia, Northern India and East Africa.

The relationship between music and altered states of consciousness has been a part of human culture for thousands of years and Jim’s work explores this in great detail. This is where mysticism and sound healing meet.

The refined quality of sound, the subtle delicacy of musicianship, and the vivid imagery he conjures come together to create an original and unique style of world music.