Healing Music

As I work primarily with sound and tone, and their relationship to conscious awareness in my healing practice, it seemed like the logic progression to bring what I can hear into reality and share it with my clients. The results are Healing Music tracks that are delicate, profound and soothing. We now have people all over the world using my music!

In fact my of my clients for distance healing ceremonies like to listen to my music while I’m working with them so that they can achieve a deeply meditative state where their vibrations is high and their inner vision clear.

My music is the product of my nomadic ancestral roots spanning Persia, India, East Africa and then Europe. We upload a new piece of healing for you each and every week to Spotify and all other platforms. Please do check us out on Spotify and follow us to know when there’s new music for you. Below you’ll find links to some of our music successful, popular tracks.

Jim playing healing music in a workshop

This track was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Just relax and take a listen:


Viranasa from the New Album, ‘Talisman’ is light and gentle, like skipping through space:


I always do a lot of spiritual practice before I go into the studio to create music. Ascendant Master came after a huge amount of chanting and meditative practice and it really really shows Get in a comfortable place and listen now:

I was asked by the guys at Insight Timer to create a special piece of music for their Daily Insight series. Star Child was a great success:

Our Music and Guided Visualisations are also available on the InsightTimer Meditation App. 

Here’s one of our best works on the Insight Timer App. It’s called ‘The Wander of Jaipur’. Our 6000 followers gave it a rating of 97% and it’s had 28,500 listens!!! It takes you to another dimension! Click and take a listen

(To Download the Insight Timer App, click here)