My music is profoundly soothing and creates a deep sense of stillness and mental calm. It’s great for sleep, yoga and relaxation. And, just as with our guided visualisations I play all the instruments and vocal myself, produce, mix and master, too.

Jim playing healing music in a workshop

Our Music for Meditative Practice is now on Spotify. It’s being described as ‘Wondrously beautiful’, ‘Outstanding’, and ‘As spellbinding as it is soothing’. Here you go! This track was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Just relax and take a listen:

Our Music and Guided Visualisations are also available on the InsightTimer Meditation App.

Only a few of our tracks are on Spotify. Here’s one of our best works on the Insight Timer App. It’s called The Wander of Jaipur. Our 4500 followers gave it a rating of 97%!!! It takes you to another dimension! Click and take a listen

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