Music for Mediation and Healing

I have been making music for many years. Lots of my Healing Ceremony clients like to listen to my music while I’m doing their session. They say it helps them to achieve a deeper meditative and connected state.

The music I make is heavily influenced by my Indian/Persian heritage but there is also science to it. I use healing frequencies and sounds that transport you to mystical places. All my music is available on the InsightTimer app, but on lots of other platforms, too. Here is the new album:

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And here is one of my most well known tracks:

Here’s what our followers say about my music:

‘A beautiful piece I use as my morning prayer to start my day’ – Bernadette, New Jersey, USA

‘I love this for a midday meditation. It’s very relaxing but not so much so that it makes me sleepy. It’s become my go-to Goldilocks just-right meditation music’ – John, InsightTimer

‘Hauntingly beautiful. This piece speaks to me from another lifetime. ❤️ from one of your regular Saturday morning LIVE community members’ – Donna, California, USA

‘Entering into a cave and the ever changing sounds, musical notes reverberating off the caves walls and ceilings as I traveled deeper into that unknown space with no end. My deep gratitude to you’ – Jack, NY, USA