"I believe in human beings. We are intrinsically interwoven into each other’s lives. To learn together. To grow together. To communicate and feel. Your growth benefits me and vice versa."- Jim Rajan

Jim Rajan

A Former award-nominated producer and director at MTV-UK Networks and other TV production companies in London, Jim Rajan has now been running a successful worldwide practice as a Professional Seer, Healer and Teacher for over 17 years.

Jim’s method ‘The Healing Ceremony’ have been called mesmerising and has changed the lives of countless people around the world. The foundation of his work is in guiding sensitives and intuitives to unlock their potential and transform their suffering.

Jim has a dedicated global following of over 9000 people on the meditation app InsightTimer for his Guided Visualisations, Healing Music and monthly Live Visualisation Workshops. A self-taught musician, composer and producer, Jim has produced work for artists in London UK, Canada and North America as well as his own albums. His work is currently available on Spotify, iTunes and InsightTimer.

Jim works diligently with artisan instrument makers to produce specialist musical instruments that he uses in his work and workshops to create unique experiences. Jim is a teacher, storyteller, poet and the author of The Book Of Journeys and Boost Your Life in 30 Days (The Daily Affirmation Series).

In 2023 after many years of giving workshops, Jim finally opened ‘The Subtle Qualities School’. A central hub where sensitives, empaths and intuitives come together in exploration, refining sensibilities, attuning themselves to their higher calling, and building a new sense of mission and purposefulness.