The Book of Journeys

This neat little book of stories and poems is a resource Jim has used in his workshops and courses, time and time again. It is filled with simple, magical journeys that take to you to a deeper state of consciousness.

As each page turns you’ll find yourself immersed in Jim’s mystical world. Hindu temples, ancient ritual and uplifting voyages through space and time.

The Book of Journeys is set of works to connect you to the divine.


The Book of Journeys is a collection of poetry and writings by worldwide distance healer, seer and teacher, Jim Rajan. Many of these pieces have been used in Jim’s online and inperson workshops, each one taking you into a soothingly open and expansive world, or to a place of reflection and deep contemplation.

Jim’s work is based on helping you heal yourself, just as you have always been able to do. When you rewrite or relearn your own story, life gets built around you in a different, more fulfilling and exciting way. This book is part of that process. Each journey is there for you to find more and more of yourself as the page numbers augment.

If the greatest gift you can give this world is your own true presence, this book will help you find the centre of that, and help you sit there calmly and comfortably enjoying the feeling, the being and the knowing.

Boost Your Life in 30 Days

You can change your life in 30 days!

It’s not difficult, all it takes is consistency and this book will help you do it. In Boost your Life in 30 Days you will find 30 powerful affirmations, that will help you achieve lasting change in your daily life.

Affirmations have been scientifically proven to raise your self-esteem, increase levels of self-worth and enhance your self-image. Retraining your brain and re-educating your mind to be under your control.

Affirmations help you to experience your life in a new way. You will open yourself to new opportunities, new paths, and new mini-miracles. A powerful resource to keep you centred, focused and strong every single day.


This book was written on the back of the success of Jim Rajan’s Daily Affirmation Series on Instagram. Carefully selected affirmations that help you to surpass the rigid structure of the mind and release old patterns.

Life is difficult, it’s a fact. Living the best version of yourself can be really challenging, but this book will help you focus. You deserve the best, you deserve to have a great life experience, filled with joy and excitement, adventure and prosperousness.

This book will help you to rewire your brain, to call on your own inherent wisdom and make new, fulfilling opportunities for yourself. Just try it, you’ll be amazed!