On Building Emotional Availability and Intelligence in Sensitive People

28th of September 2024

10am EST Time (7am PST, 3pm UK)

3 hour online workshop via Zoom, plus included in the price a private one-on-one session with Jim Rajan, the Principal of the School.

More than just haphazardly steering the emotional ship, this workshop gives you the skills to navigate it, chart the course and make it run self-sufficiently.
This is a really big one for people of high sensitivity! It’s where we work together to build a framework for you to settle into whereby you become the master of your emotional life. We use simple techniques that work, to help you build a new healthy relationship with yourself, where you become openly emotionally available. An internal relationship you will be proud and happy to share.
Emotional unavailability is rife in the modern world but those who make themselves available, open and free to express emotional intelligence reap enormous benefits and start to see life transform around them.
This 3 hour online workshop via zoom introduces you to our holistic system, The 5 Elements of Cohesion. You’ll learn to apply it to help you let go of trauma, soften your response to triggers, and build a more empowered sense of self.
At The Subtle Qualities School we work together as a team. We value greatly the fact that each person brings their own qualities, experience and perspective to our courses.
Included in this workshop, each student will also have a private one-on-one 1 hour session with Jim Rajan, the School Principal to help integrate the work and build on self realisation.

79,00 $