Creative Tools for Sensitive People in Walking The Yellow Brick Road

8th of June 2024

10am EST Time (7am PST, 3pm UK)

3 hour online workshop via Zoom, plus included in the price a private one-on-one session with Jim Rajan, the Principal of the School.

Sensitivity is a beautiful gift that has helped shape the world in kind, honest and creative ways. Sensitive people are highly imaginative and intuitive and this 3 hour online course via zoom expands on the courage and refined intelligence you came to this world with, so you can walk it calmly and with self-assurance.

The Yellow Brick Road is a road less travelled. It’s a path that helps you attune to the subtle qualities of life. Walking it with care and attention helps you create satisfying situations for yourself, and a richer more fulfilling experience in your life.

The Yellow Brick Road workshop is a path to connectivity and conscious awareness that helps you value your story and believe in yourself.

At The Subtle Qualities School we work together with students to create learning experiences that are enriching and comfortable, warm and compassionate.

Included in this course, each student will also have a private one-on-one session with Jim Rajan, the School Principal to help integrate the work and build on self realisation.

79,00 $