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Welcome! I’m genuinely honoured to have you here!

My name is Jim Rajan and I am a former producer and director at MTV-UK Networks and other TV production companies in London. I have now been running a successful Healing Practice for over 17 years. I am trained in Shamanic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Sound healing. I am also a diligent practitioner of Nicherin Buddhism for over 13 years, with a city-wide leadership responsibility.

You can find my guided visualisations and music for meditative practice on the meditation app InsightTimer. A self-taught musician, composer and producer, I have produced work for artists in London UK, Canada and North America as well as three of my own albums (The Cloud Forest, Nrty Hiran and Talisman). You can hear these pieces on Spotify or iTunes.

My work helps you connect to your own deep internal wisdom, bringing you empowerment, connectedness and therefore helping you experience a richer sense of happiness and fulfilment.

It helps you gain a new understanding of your own life and purpose, by encouraging you to build faith in your own intuition and capacity to create change. A new kind of inner power and freedom to face life starts to unfold and you find yourself breaking old patterns and dissolving long-term blocks that have hindered you from the life you feel in your heart you truly deserve.

My work, courses and workshops are fundamentally based on the relationship between consciousness and sound. Scientists still don’t fully understand the huge influence and significance that music and sound have in the field of human consciousness, though on a Quantum level answers are appearing. I work diligently with artisan instrument makers to produce specialist musical instruments that I use in my healing ceremonies and workshops to create uniquely profound experiences.

I have just published my book Boost Your Life in 30 Days (The Daily Affirmation Series), a collection of our Most Powerful Affirmations made into a simple and easy to do 30 day course.

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