Guided Visualisations and Music for Meditative Practice

Our Mission.

Our work is about helping you improve things. Helping you feel better about yourself, about your life. Giving you the tools to have absolute believe in yourself. When you're in complete control over every aspect of your life, it's the most amazing feeling. You feel so positive, empowered, confident and happy. Problems are not problems, they're solutions.
It's like you spirit soars! And we're right there with you, my friend...

'Making Prosperity and Fulfilment Effortless in This Age of Aquarius'

A Free 10 part audio visualisation for you to complete whenever you like.

1. You Are The Universe

2. Straight to the Heart of Your Being

3. The Guru's Gem

4. Pillar of Gold

5. A Buddha in Daily Life

6. Don't Think, Feel

7. Breathe into Your Wings

8. Self Mastery Requires Effort from Both of You

9. 3000 Realms in a Single Moment of Life

10. The Light of the Golden Sun

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This is a 10 part guided visualisation about living the best version of your life. Being the best possible version of yourself. It takes you very deep and makes big changes on a cellular level. Just relax in a quiet place, or use headphones for a more immersive experience:

When your energy is strong, vital, powerful, free spirited, you attract that which you are. That’s the law of vibration. When you actively change how each cell in your body vibrates, your environment changes likewise and you attract what you need.

True happiness is about feeling empowered, spiritually nourished, strong and focused. This work puts you in total control of that.

And, that’s what the age of Aquarius is all about. Combining the spiritual with the material. Connecting with your inherent wisdom and making fresh, new choices in your own life to make it exactly how you want it to be.

There’s so much information in the world right now, to take our minds off our true destiny. So, I’m keeping this simple. Nothing to download or fill up your computer with. This visualisation is going to be here always. Do it in your own time.

But please, let me know what you think of it! Email me at: jim@jimrajan.com, and please share it with anyone you think might benefit from it.

Thank you! Namaste!

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Jim Rajan

Buddhist, Composer, musician.

Using shamanic healing techniques and ancient buddhist teachings to bring about awesome changes in the lives of everyday people, so that they can in turn bring about awesome change in our world.