What are the Benefits of a Healing Ceremony?

Testimonial: ‘I’m struggling to find the words on how profound the sessions have been, the layers and insights and healing that keeps being generated. It’s a gift that you have that keeps giving in such a supportive, loving and kind way. I feel it’s hard to do justice that captures the significance and wonderful way you have worked with me to capture my essence and help me to heal’ – Nikki, Australia

A Healing Ceremony is where I connect to your base frequency, to your purest essence, Your original code, help bring about realignment, and then relay back to you everything that came out. It’s enriching and empowering to hear what you have to say at that level. A place thats very difficult to go on your own. You will gain helpful insight into your life, and build a better relationship with yourself. And, from there anything is possible.

Testimonial: ‘The first session was really truly profound in helping me to see these new parts of me physically, to shift them and connect with them in a different way, and to really help me illuminate the path, I’m really rebirthing’ – Shea, USA

A Healing Ceremony helps you understand yourself and your place in this world. What you are here to do, what your true nature is, what contribution you are here to make.

Testimonial: ‘Jim, you are the only person in the whole world who has ever been able to show me who I truly am, and I enormously grateful for that’ – Dr Lafuente, Spain

I have been a Distance Healer for over 25 years and I feel very grateful to have clients all around the world. This work will help you feel different and come to a new sense of internal power.

Testimonial: ‘Your ceremonies are an incredible reset, an incredible reminder, Never had anyone really see me as you have, I’ve always known I was different’ – Hiro, USA

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