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Hello Dear Friends, Beautiful People…

Everyone always asks me… What is a Healing Ceremony? How does it work? And, what do I get out of it?

A Healing Ceremony is where I connect to your base frequency, to your purest essence, help bring about balance and realignment, and then relay back to you what came out. It all comes from you, there’s no ‘magic’, it’s a way for you to get to the very core of your being, to the nucleus, ask real questions… and gain fantastic insight.

Testimonial: ‘The first session was really truly profound in helping me to see these new parts of me physically, to shift them and connect with them in a different way, and to really help me illuminate the path, I’m really rebirthing’ – Shea, USA

You see, a Healing Ceremony helps you understand yourself. You get to see very clearly where your path is headed. When you know yourself, you make better decisions, you make more useful opportunities for yourself, and you live the best version of your life. When you can see with clarity how you are, where you are, what you are, and why you are, you start to live with more meaning, and life becomes a sacred thing you gladly take greater care of.

Testimonial: ‘Jim, you are the only person in the whole world who has ever been able to show me who I truly am, and I enormously grateful for that’ – Dr Lafuente, Spain

How does it work? Well, first of all, I have a very high level of extrasensory perception. I use that gift along with the rule of Quantum Mechanics (QM) which states that all things are connected, plus another law of QM, called entanglement. Entangle states that any two particles that come from the same source can be split by great distance and yet still ‘connect’ and affect one another.

Testimonial: ‘Your ceremonies are an incredible reset, an incredible reminder’ – Hiro, USA

That’s why I am able to connect with my clients all over the world. Because we all came from the same source, distance is no boundary to this kind of healing practice. I have clients in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and South America.

Testimonial: ‘Jim, I’m blown away as usual. I have been re-listening to all the messages. I’m definitely going to email you as well. Never had anyone really seen me as you have. Yes, I’ve always known I was different. So did my mom. ‘, Jana, InsightTimer, USA

If you’d like a Healing Ceremony connect with us on Instagram at @jimrajan or fill in the contact form on this site.

Here’s what my clients say:

On this site you will find easy-to-use short Guided Visualisation Courses, and links to our Healing Music on Spotify. There are articles and links to Podcasts and Radio shows I’ve been interviewed on. And, details of our new book, Boost your Life in 30 Days (The Daily Affirmation Series). Plus more about me and my mission in this magical world. I’m really pleased you came to the site to learn more about my work.

Any questions use the contact form or connect personally via Instagram. (You’ll find our daily inspiration videos on Instagram, too!).