Jim Rajan

Our Mission.

Our work is about helping you improve things. Helping you feel a lot better about yourself, about your life. Giving you the tools to have absolute belief in yourself. When you’re in complete control over every aspect of your life, it’s the most amazing feeling. You feel so positive, empowered, confident and happy. Problems are not problems, they’re solutions.
It’s like your spirit soars! And we’re right there with you, my friend…


A New Free 10 Part Guided Visualisation for you to complete whenever you like.

  1. You Are The Universe Jim Rajan 14:19
  2. Straight to the Heart of Your Being Jim Rajan 13:30
  3. The Guru's Gem Jim Rajan 13:50
  4. Pillar of Gold Jim Rajan 14:57
  5. A Buddha in Daily Life Jim Rajan 14:47
  6. Don't Think, Feel Jim Rajan 14:48
  7. Breathe into Your Wings Jim Rajan 13:51
  8. Self Mastery Requires Effort from Both of You Jim Rajan 13:49
  9. 3000 Realms in a Single Moment of Life Jim Rajan 13:38
  10. The Light of the Golden Sun Jim Rajan 13:37


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We all want prosperity and fulfilment, right? But how do you get them? You don’t. They come to you when you are running on the right frequency. Here’s how…

This is a 10 part guided visualisation about living the best possible version of your life. Being the best possible version of yourself. It takes you very deep and makes big changes on a cellular level. 

Just relax in a quiet place, or use headphones for a more immersive experience:

When your energy is strong, vital, powerful, free spirited, you attract that which you are. That’s the law of vibration. When you actively change how each cell in your body vibrates, your environment changes likewise and you attract what you need.

True happiness is about feeling empowered, spiritually nourished, strong and focused. This work puts you in total control of that.

And, that’s what the age of Aquarius is all about. Combining the spiritual with the material. Connecting with your inherent wisdom and making fresh, new choices in your own life to make it exactly how you want it to be. 

There’s so much information in the world right now, to take our minds off our true destiny. So, I’m keeping this simple. Nothing to download or fill up your computer with. This visualisation is going to be here always. Do it in your own time.

But please, please, please let me know how you got on with it! I’d genuinely love to know. Send me a message in the form below.

 Thank you! Namaste!



‘That was exceptional, thank you!’ – Elliot from Melbourne, Australia.

‘Beautiful, plaintive, evocative and affirmative of peace and hope’ – Cory from Philadelphia, USA.

‘Utterly beautiful and captivating, thank you so much’ – Jana from Sonora, California

‘What a wonderful place, so peaceful! I felt connected, my heart area became warm and something inside me said: “This is true and pure richness. What a magnificent way to be reminded of my unlimited energy of creation. Thank you so much for your guidance JimπŸ™β˜„πŸŒˆπŸ’“’ – Maria from London, UK

‘Did the first guided meditation and it was so full of wisdom. Thanks so much for pointing the way. It made many things clearer that I have been meditating on lately’ – Ciara from Wisconsin, USA.

‘Good morning. I wanted to let you know that I did that five minute meditation on love and then looked at your website and showed it to a few others who were going to check out some of the offerings on their own time. I have only done the five minute meditation so far. Later in the day I felt an incredible overwhelm of deep seated sadness. Like a very old ache that came up. This morning in meditation and writing what came up for me personally was a very old and deep seated belief that no longer serves me. I thought I would have been vigilant looking for where energy is stored in myself and blocking me, etc. This was a surprise! I fully attribute it’s coming forth to the love that opened within me with your work. Truly. So I wanted to let you know that this morning and to thank you. I am very glad we connected yesterday. The synchronicity is it’s own blessing as well as the offerings. Thank you very much.’ – Katherine from Twitter