What is a Visualisation? How does it work for you?

We’ve heard of guided meditations. Guided visualisations are different. They are much more vivid, full of imagery and they take your through a beautiful story. They take you on a journey, and they have a very specific objective. The imagery used, and the music are engineered to create a very comfortable, safe space for you to dissolve into and once you have allowed yourself to let go it is far easier to arrive at your essence. 

In our visualisations the key is helping people to find their absolute authenticity and then use that space as a means to spring from in a new direction. 

‘But, I am authentic you say!!’ 

Well, yes, on one level you are. But we all have conditioning from our family, parents, friends, society, country, education which has hindered us in our life, not helped. Our life experience has so often taught us to put up barriers, create limits for ourselves, comfort zones. And, it’s these that we are aiming to release and in so doing, we are creating expansion within your life, freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to be yourself, your true self. 

On a more spiritual level we all have our karma, choices we’ve made, situations, challenges and difficulties that we ourselves have chosen to experience in this life to teach us certain things. My view is that we are here to learn, to gain experience because if life was easy we’d learn nothing. So we have karma. Karma is not good or bad it is simple a set of choices we made before coming to this life to create certain learning opportunities. 

So, in allowing yourself to be submersed in these visualisations, you allow expansion, growth, change and therefore new degrees of happiness. When you connect your imagination with perseverance and belief, you create an amazing life for yourself.You become the master of your life, not the other way around. You start to realise how powerful you actually are, AND how powerful your thoughts are. 

When you control your mind even for short periods of time, you begin to create new and exciting opportunities in your life because your vision changes. Opportunities are around us all the time waiting for us to see and grab them but most of the time we are too busy, have our head in the clouds or are plugged into facebook. But, when we start to connect regularly with our essential self, we are connecting to our inherent wisdom and we start to apply it in everyday life.

The results our followers are receiving from these visualisations are incredible. And they are long-lasting because they come from a place of deep truth and honesty inside. Old patterns get broken and old karma is shed. Very soon we begin to see solid changes in our life because we are changing ourselves from the inside out, from the essence outwards. 
Nothing exists until you do my friend. And when you start to realise this, your life expands and flows and becomes abundance itself. Abundance is a word that is used a lot at the moment but we are looking at it in a very superficial way. To get what you want, you must attract, but just thinking about it is not enough. Why? Because it depends on where the thoughts come from. It depends on the intention behind the thoughts, it depends on the emotion behind them. 

But these visualisations are about working on the essence, on that initial spark from which thoughts come, and so instead of trying to attract abundance you simply become it. 

It’s totally different. Completely different. 

I’m here to help bring about change, your change. I’m here for you. Simple. No hidden agenda, just honest help. Check out our guided visualisation courses here: COURSES.