The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

By Jim Rajan

There’s a very simple concept that you really need to understand if you want to take your life to the next level. 

It’s the teaching of the power of the subconscious mind.

I’m going to explain it in the easiest way possible. It’s very very simple. But possibly the most profound and life changing idea I ever used, tried, put in practice…and changed my own life with!

So, there are 2 parts to your ‘mind’, the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious, you don’t have any particular control over directly, but it’s the manifestor. The subconscious is what actually creates your world, your reality. It puts things, experiences, people in your life. It’s what Jung called Synchronicity. It has the power to put anything in your life, at any time. If you look at your life like it’s a project…which is a Nicherin Buddhist technique we use, then the subconscious is the project manager. The producer. The maker. It can bring wealth, health, happiness, but also negative experiences and unhappiness. Essential it will make anything a reality for you.

Then there’s the conscious mind. It’s the thinker. You need it to survive, or at least you did in the past. It is the thought and idea producer. The fleeting images, memories and thoughts that ‘cross’ your mind. They come from here. 

So, the key is very simple. Whatever resides the majority of the time in the conscious mind, that’s what the subconscious mind makes. Go back and read that again. Yes, the conscious continually feeds the subconscious with information on what it needs to be producing. It tells it what to make, what to give, what to place in your path, what experiences to give you.

So, for example if you are the type of person who lives in ‘poverty’ or ’scarcity’ mindset, then for you, life is a random thing which happens to you. Nothing goes your way, you have lots of ’no’s’. No money, no happiness, no good job, no happy relationship, no prospects, no future. You have ‘no’ control over your life, you are simply a little boat bobbing up and down on the chaotic waves of life’s ocean. You’re trying but it just never seems to work.

So, your conscious mind, meaning your thoughts, is thinking what? Negativity. Unfairness. Injustice. Not having enough. Nothing is working. So, what does the subconscious produce for you?

In a way it shows you that you are right. It’s reinforcing your thoughts by making your reality just so. Your thoughts say ‘I don’t have’ and so the subconscious produces more ’not having’. It simply obliges. 

On the other hand let’s say you are a happy-go-lucky type. You ‘look on the bright side’, you enjoy the small things and you offer gratitude for those small things. Your thoughts are positive. You look for the good in people. What does the subconscious produce? Well, firstly it hears openness to accept the new (positivity) so it places the opportunity for more of this in your path. It also hears ‘thank you’ (gratitude for what you already have) so it produces more opportunities for you to say ‘thank you’ to.

Now, you can take advantage of knowing this information. 

If you take control of your thoughts and think only good things and gratefulness, that’s what the subconscious will provide for you in your reality. Sounds simple. But, it’s not because what most people then do is they then sit for 1 or 2 or maybe even 5 minutes and think about having a Ferrari, a beautiful house, beautiful life, etc. But then for the other 16 or so hours of waking life they think about not having again. And that blip in the radar is simply not enough to produce a significant enough change.

Or worse they think, this idea of being thinking positive is rubbish, it doesn’t work. Where’s my Ferrari? And, so the subconscious obliges and makes it not work.

So what do you do?

You get consistent. You use techniques to help keep you in the ‘positive and grateful’ zone.

And, instead of treating it as thoughts that you have to control, you go deeper. You think with your heart, with your emotions. If you’re feeling down you conjure up the feelings of a time when you felt amazing and you live through that. And you get back on the horse. You don’t let life take over. You remain in the centre of your universe. You remain in control. It’s not about hiding, or burying emotion or feeling, believe me I tried that, it just brings more suffering. 

It’s about seeing life for what it really is and accepting it, but not succumbing to it. Ok, I’m having a tough day, fine. I accept that. But, it’s not going to ruin all my hard ‘inner’ work. My life. My day. This day. So, I’m going to place a new thought, a new feeling in my heart and live from that.

Life is a project. It is. Separation from your ‘life’ is a fundamental stage of buddhism teaching. It’s like having your face stuck right up next to a TV screen , you can’t see anything else. You are hopelessly giving ‘life’ 100% of your attention. But, thats not helping you. You need to distant yourself a little from the screen. Make space. Take stock. Where are you going? Where are you going in this very moment. And stick on that path, without getting sucked into the everyday life toils ands troubles. Let them be. And focus on the wonderful. 

But our problem is we believe in our reality. But, you make your reality in every single split second. You. Your thoughts, your feelings, make your world. But when you are really honestly, genuinely connected to your essence, when you live in a completely authentic way this all becomes very easy, very simple. Because you understand that you are the creator of your existence, no-one else. You can’t blame life for not being how you want it to be, you can blame your lack of connection to your essence though.

In controlling your thoughts from your heart, from your essence you become the master of your life. Of your existence. In every moment. With determination (heart power), belief (visualising what you desire) and perseverance (doing it all the time) very quickly you will see great changes in your life.

And, if you need any help, we have visualisation courses for you to keep your connection to your essence, to you authentic self, strong and vibrant and powerful. Simple.

Stop believing in your reality and start believing in your power to change it yourself. recently connected with me to collaborate. Our work aims to help people in a very similar heartfelt way. Tricia Dixon from shared a wonderful article of theirs with me that follows on beautifully from the above article. Here’s a link to it, it’s called, ‘Subconscious Mind | 9 Facts You Should Know [plus FREE WORKBOOK]’
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