Soothing Tools for Sensitive People in Combating Self-Sabotage

13th of April 2024

10am EST Time (7am PST, 3pm UK)

3 hour online workshop via Zoom, plus included in the price a private one-on-one session with Jim Rajan, the Principal of the School.

Self sabotage is one of the most common ways sensitive people put themselves down and give away their power. It blocks your flow of creativity, and the quality of your judgement, but actually it’s a signal of strong life force.

Join us for this 3 hour online course via zoom where you will uncover hidden strengths you never know you had through the holistic system of The 5 Elements of Cohesion.

Courses at The Subtle Qualities School are designed to help you evolve within your current life situation. New perspectives reveal themselves and wonderful connections to like-minded people are forged. We call it the Circle of Trust.

Included in this course, each student will also have a private one-on- one session with Jim Rajan, the School Principal to help integrate the work and build on self realisation.

79,00 $