Avalon – The Path to True Confidence: 7 Part Guided Visualisation


This is course is something really special and it’s being so well received. It’s the next step after the 10 part course on the home page.

When we work in a very specific visual field the results are astonishing. Why? Because engaging the imagination in this type of practice helps us to go much much deeper. Intention, imagination and belief are the three tools we need to genuinely change patterns in our life and create sparkling new beginnings. This visualisation is about attaining true confidence, on a fundamental level. Confidence that comes from your essence, your very source. Confidence in most people is fragile and easily swayed or lost. This, is true confidence, finding the root of your life from generations past.

This product is a download in mp3 format.

Start Avalon here now with the first part for free in the audio player above.



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