‘During the Healing Ceremony I was having an out of body experience. Thanks so much for your incredible insights!’, – Nicholas, Canada via Instagram.

‘It was mesmerizing to me, Wow!, I have to collect my thoughts a bit! Thank you and god bless!’, – Tina, Healing Ceremony, LAs Vega, NV, USA

‘That was exceptional, thank you!’ – Elliot from Melbourne, Australia.

‘Beautiful, plaintive, evocative and affirmative of peace and hope’ – Cory from Philadelphia, USA.

‘Utterly beautiful and captivating, thank you so much’ – Jana from Sonora, California

‘What a wonderful place, so peaceful! I felt connected, my heart area became warm and something inside me said: “This is true and pure richness. What a magnificent way to be reminded of my unlimited energy of creation. Thank you so much for your guidance Jim🙏☄🌈💓’ – Maria from London, UK

‘Did the first guided meditation and it was so full of wisdom. Thanks so much for pointing the way. It made many things clearer that I have been meditating on lately’ – Ciara from Wisconsin, USA.

‘Good morning. I wanted to let you know that I did that five minute meditation on love and then looked at your website and showed it to a few others who were going to check out some of the offerings on their own time. I have only done the five minute meditation so far. Later in the day I felt an incredible overwhelm of deep seated sadness. Like a very old ache that came up. This morning in meditation and writing what came up for me personally was a very old and deep seated belief that no longer serves me. I thought I would have been vigilant looking for where energy is stored in myself and blocking me, etc. This was a surprise! I fully attribute it’s coming forth to the love that opened within me with your work. Truly. So I wanted to let you know that this morning and to thank you. I am very glad we connected yesterday. The synchronicity is it’s own blessing as well as the offerings. Thank you very much.’ – Katherine via Twitter

‘A beautiful meditation so calming and soothing. One I will come back to again and again. Thank you 🙏’ – Marty, Tadley, United Kingdom.

‘The notes gathered up my sorrow and expressed it, then turned it into light. Thank you for helping reform my morning, Brother ♥️’ – Tiffany, Columbia, MO, USA

‘Not sure why I have never commented on this before, but it’s my all-time favorite piece on Insight Timer. So mesmerizing, calming and soothing. I go on a journey each time I listen to it!’, – Tina, Las Vegas, NV, USA

‘Thank you Jim. That is a lovely short guided visualisation. I still see the sparkles and little rainbows as I’m ready for the day ahead. 😊’, – Danka, InsightTimer

‘Profound. Deep. Beyond any expectations experience. Thank you for sharing, Jim.’, – Aleksandra, Etobicoke, Toronto, ON, Canada