Want an Amazing Life?

If there was one big thing you could change and improve in your life…

What would it be?

Picture it down to the finest details. 
Do you really want it? Would it make your heart sing?

Would you like us to help you achieve it?

Ok then, well we are specialists in visualisation techniques and harnessing the power of the subconscious mind. We have 25 years of experience in helping people like you fulfil your dreams.

This first course is simple and effective. It’s a graceful synthesis of Shamanism, Buddhist concepts, NLP and mindfulness and our followers are having wonderful results with it. 

It will take you on a beautiful and heart-warming journey within, connecting you to your essence, the place where change happens in a powerful and everlasting way.

There’s a new way of living, a new way of being.

Life is no longer about forcing change, it’s about accepting it, allowing it. Assuming it. It’s about creating it yourself.


Through your imagination, your intention, having consciousness of your being in its entirety. And hearing what it needs, listening to it. When you are free and open and really connected to your spirit, to yourself, your authentic self, this connection brings you messages. New levels of understanding which you in turn use to create a new existence for yourself. A new life, new things, new states of being.

Energetically your vibration, your frequency, the frequency that your body runs at, can be changed, it can be raised and this will change your vital energy, your vision, how your mind functions and your view of life, because your environment is a mirror.

How you feel, how you view the world, and how you understand it, is exactly how it will be. How you see it within yourself is how it will be without. How do you raise your vibration? No-one can do it for you. You do it yourself, through the intention of desiring it to happen. Believing that you can change your circumstances and you will. Believing that you are not locked to old patterns, that you are in as malleable existence that you yourself control, in every aspect.

But, you don’t believe because you’ve been taught not to believe, or that belief is bad or false. But, it’s not. Belief is a force, it is courage, it is wisdom, acceptance and it is choice. Belief is choice. Having choice, not being restricted by your karma, conditioning, whatever you want to call it. Believe that you can live in a new way and you will just that. Your subconscious mind will simply create it for you because at the top level of your spiritual being you will learn to combine imagination with intention, and these two mixed produce an extremely potent force.

Using visualisation techniques we can create a strong and vibrant connection to this ‘belief’. And then we make it work for us via auto-suggestion. Literally, imagine your life, believe in that power of imagination, and it materialises. Do doesn’t happen instantly, well actually, sometimes is runs like wildfire, but with practice you’ll get it. I have not doubt about that, because if I can do this, you can.

Check out my Guided Visualisation Courses now to start living the best version of your life today!



‘That was exceptional, thank you!’ – Elliot from Melbourne, Australia.

‘Beautiful, plaintive, evocative and affirmative of peace and hope’ – Cory from Philadelphia, USA.

‘Utterly beautiful and captivating, thank you so much’ – Jana from Sonora, California

‘What a wonderful place, so peaceful! I felt connected, my heart area became warm and something inside me said: “This is true and pure richness. What a magnificent way to be reminded of my unlimited energy of creation. Thank you so much for your guidance Jim🙏☄🌈💓’ – Maria from London, UK

‘Did the first guided meditation and it was so full of wisdom. Thanks so much for pointing the way. It made many things clearer that I have been meditating on lately’ – Ciara from Wisconsin, USA.

‘Good morning. I wanted to let you know that I did that five minute meditation on love and then looked at your website and showed it to a few others who were going to check out some of the offerings on their own time. I have only done the five minute meditation so far. Later in the day I felt an incredible overwhelm of deep seated sadness. Like a very old ache that came up. This morning in meditation and writing what came up for me personally was a very old and deep seated belief that no longer serves me. I thought I would have been vigilant looking for where energy is stored in myself and blocking me, etc. This was a surprise! I fully attribute it’s coming forth to the love that opened within me with your work. Truly. So I wanted to let you know that this morning and to thank you. I am very glad we connected yesterday. The synchronicity is it’s own blessing as well as the offerings. Thank you very much.’ – Katherine via Twitter