You can change your life in 30 days! It’s not difficult, all it takes is consistency and taking action everyday. In this book you will find 30 affirmations, one for each day of the following month. 

    Affirmations have been scientifically proven to raise your self esteem,  increase levels of self worth and enhance your self image. In a way you are retraining your brain, re-educating your mind to think in the way you want it to, not the way it wants to. Because it wants to control everything you do, keep you in your comfort zone all the time, and not take risks or have exciting adventures.

    That’s fine, the mind is necessary and very useful in many ways, but it’s a tool, it is not you. So, using affirmations each day you will start to retrain the mind, and literally start to live in a fantastically different way. You will experience new opportunities, new paths, new experiences and new mini miracles, and living in this exciting way will soon become normal.

    The most fundamental part of affirmations is to actually do them. Take each daily affirmation and say it out loud or with your internal voice as many times as you can each day. For example 10-15 times a day. Simply stop, take a moment of calm, clarity and silence for yourself and then repeat the affirmation many times for a minute or two. Say it from the heart, not the head. Actually feel it, visualise the words, or visualise the imagery it conjures up.

    You can set an alarm to remind you if that helps, so you don’t forget. And if there is one affirmation that really strike a chord with you stick with it for a few days and continue to the next one when you feel ready. 

    Affirmations will change your life, they have changed mine and they continue to amaze me every single day.

    Take your time, enjoy and of course have yourself a magical day, my dear friend!

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