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My mission is in education. Helping you see the true nature of your existence. Helping you bring out the best in yourself. To realise a better version of yourself, mentally and spiritually.

I make courses to enrich your meditation practice, strengthen your spirit and help you forge strong belief in yourself. Many of us have been educated in a very negative way making us judge ourselves, feel emptiness or somehow feel like a failure in life. It’s my job to remind you how amazing you are, how amazing you will be, and how much power you actually have over your life. 

Instead of living in your head, we help you live more in the heart which brings you calmness, confidence and clarity. You will experience a deeper feeling of presence, which will seep gently into many aspects of your life, helping you make better decisions, and take better action.

Yes, life is tough. There will always be suffering in some form or other. But these courses will give you the ability to deal with it, and change your connection to it. You will perceive your life in a wholesome new way.
There are three courses on the meditation app InsightTimer.

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Hindu Concepts to Improve Your Daily Practice

Jim Rajan Audio Course. Hindu Concepts To Improve Your Daily Practice
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Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Hinduism insists on the brotherhood and sisterhood of not only all mankind, but of all that lives’. This ancient religion has brought us some of the most well-known pillars of meditation practice. And yet, our separation from them causes them to fall into mysticism.

This courses puts the theory back into practice in a simple way. It’s designed to enrich your experience of this life, clarify many lost foundations, and help you undergo a transformation from the inside out.

In this course, you will learn how to bring new meaning to your life, how to cultivate a growth mindset, and how to live in a more confidence, empowered way.

The Truth Revealed: Why the Buddha Appeared in this World.

Jim Rajan Audio Course. The True Revealed: Why the Buddha Appeared In This World
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2000 years ago, The Buddha said, ‘Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.’

Take in the true life of the original Buddha, Gautama, also known as Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha.

The young prince of the warrior caste, whose life path still affects millions of people today, more than 2 millenia after his passing from this realm. He was a true Sramana (“a seeker’), one who tirelessly exerts themselves for a higher purpose.

Using historical evidence, and taking away the mystique and fantasy regarding his profoundly moving life story, you’ll learn the genuine teachings of the human behind it all, what drove him, and why he still endeavours to touch so many lives in such a personal, heartfelt way.

You And The New Power Of Prayer

Jim Rajan Audio Course. You and The New Power Of Prayer.
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Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard said, ‘The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays’. This course will release your own intrinsic power of prayer.

You will learn the true nature of prayer. What it actually is, how powerful it is, and how you can use it in a more effective and constructive way. You will be taken through 10 simple steps that bring you outside of yourself and your normal realm of being, and explain in detail the correct relationship between a human being and prayer.

This course is your opportunity to command life in a more satisfying and relevant way. It will help you place yourself better within ‘spiritual’ concepts and spirituality, and it will free you to understand who you actually are, what you are… and why.


‘I am listening to this course for the second time now as there is so much gold to receive from your insight. Your course is a gift for the heart. There are many aspects that make this course on Hinduism and your other on the Buddha so healing and nurturing. Your compassion and care for people resonates through your words and images and the music is just sublime,….. it takes me to a deeply calm state. Like others, I would like to know how I can access more of your music and would be very keen to participate in other courses you might have in the making. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom and heart with us. Namaste Cathy’. – Catherine Bower.

‘Thanks Jim for this gem of a course! I have been exposed to these terms, but for the first time your words support the natural existence of these practices in this lifetime of mine. I’m on day four and appreciate how karma is something we effect instead of it effecting us. I also appreciate the pace of your presentation with the gentle music in the background. It gives me the opportunity to sit with every sentence so it can be processed in a sacred space’. – Bernadette Luzama, NJ, USA

‘Hi Jim. After completing day 4 I feel compelled to write to you and first of all tell you how grateful I am to you for this amazing course that you have created. The attention to each word and accompanying music is incredible. I listened to the music at the end of the lesson with closed eyes and headphones and felt carried into bliss from this whole experience. I could hear 3000 notes and 3000 doors opened up. Thank you!’ – Emma Heftman, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

‘Just listened to day 5 again and feeling the depth and profundity of this teaching. I so recognize the 10 worlds and how I transition through them during the day. I feel the potentiality of enlightenment every day. Thank you Jim, for putting this beautiful teaching together. Very grateful ? sending a smile and a flower ??’ – Nadja, The Hague

‘Thank you for a amazing course. Day 2 was very productive. I thought of a story from another course about a farmer who greeted life’s up and downs with We will see. I really relate to the 8 winds being more powerful than the 10 commandments. As these have been incorporated into the laws of the land you can follow don’t steal kill commit purjury with out really thinking about it. To take ownership of your life and choose balance and equalibrium and work on these daily is a very empowering and a daily discipline that is very meaningful’. – Anne, Cheadle, UK

‘Thank you Just the first day has made things click for me that never really had in my heart space before this journey ty Seren’ – Seren Low, Ruskin, FL, USA

‘I just completed this course but will definitely be repeating it. There are so many wonderful concepts that can truly be applied to one’s life. Jim, I’m so grateful I discovered you one day during a live session and found this course. You have a gift and I am grateful to you for sharing it with us on this platform. Thank you ??’, – Catherine F, Tacoma, WA, USA