Welcome to your Beautiful NEW Beginning!

We have 2 great resources for you. The first are our Live Free Visualisation Workshops on the Insight Timer App every week.

You don’t need the app itself but with it you are able to interact in the sessions. Click the image to link to my profile, so you can see when your available session is. We currently have one every Saturday at 10am EST time and the other at 9pm Melbourne, AUSTRALIA time.

The Second resource we have for you is our Guided Visualisation Courses.

Creative Visualisation is the key to transforming your life, right now, from this very moment. These short, simple and effective courses will benefit everyone from first time meditators to seasoned pros. No matter your ‘level’, the course will take you as deep as you feel comfortably able to go. Then you can go back and repeat parts to take you further and further.

‘I did the Morning Star Visualisation. I know now that I can transform any outcome into a positive one. I can emerge from the ashes unburnt. I can create abundance and I can solve any problem that arises. Your guided visualisations have a magic of their own’. – Ciara Blecka, Wisconsin

What benefits will these courses bring you?

  1. Learn to take command of your life
  2. Learn to harness the power of the mind in a simple, effortless way
  3. Enhance your sense of personal power and confidence
  4. Reduce stress and find deeper states of relaxation
  5. Overcome limited thinking and open new doors for yourself.

You no longer need to wait for life to bring you luck, you will be opening new doors yourself. From the very first listen.

These courses are a powerful mix of vivid storytelling with solid visualisation techniques, that take you on a beautiful journey within. They are the result of 25 years of diligent research spanning the rich spiritual realms of Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, Meditative Practice, Healing Arts and Mindfulness.

And, they come to you in simple bite-sized chunks that only take about 10-15 minutes a day. Just sit or lie down in a comfortable, quiet place, use headphones if you like, and breathe normally. Don’t ‘try’, don’t force, just let yourself be immersed in the journey that each track brings. Allow images to come, let your imagination go. This work is about feeling, not thinking.

‘Divinely inspired. I could actually feel where my wings were attached to my body. I could see what they looked like. This course took me on an incredible journey inside of myself. Showed me what I consist of, the good and the bad. Showing me that what I always think of as bad is really just broken, hurt, and scared, not evil. Once I was healed, I became one with everything, and was greeted as I returned to my spiritual home’. – Will Lugar, Georgia, USA

I’m simply someone whose figured out what works and wants to share my methods with you.

This work offers you the means to bring about consistent change in your life through creative visualisation, guided meditation and affirmations. These short simple courses will take you far deeper than you might normally be able to go on your own. They are about raising you up onto a higher frequency, change your vibration, and to make you feel profoundly empowered so you can perceive true purpose within your life. In fact, life will take on a whole new more flowing perspective.

You will be taken through very specific subjects including: Harmony with Nature, Authenticity, Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, Modern and Ancient Buddhist Concepts, Energetic Healing Techniques and powerful Shamanic Ceremony. A seamless fusion of ground-breaking techniques that I have discovered over the course of 25 years of dedicated practice and seeking spirit.

‘Jim…awe-some!…thank you for putting this effort of this quality meditation, congratulations!’ – Saul Blake, Mexico.

These courses fuse mother natures’ innate intelligence with your own unique core wisdom to help you manifest a life that you will be truly in love with. A life of mission, authenticity and value.

As a buddhist I’ve learned the amazing power of affirmations early in life. As a Shamanic Healer I have learned of the immense potential each human being has to bring about their own wonderful change.

‘Spiritual, beautiful and awesome’ – Pamela, The Netherlands

Combining these techniques with a subtle artistry as a poet and musician, I have refined and developed my work to create mythical, magical worlds for you to travel through, generating true happiness, healing, prosperity and purpose for yourself as you go. It’s what Rumi or Tagore would be doing if they were around today.

When you strive for authenticity in every aspect of your life, it’s like the universe places new and exciting opportunities, paths and people in your journey to help you along and help you grow, so that you start to become the very best version of yourself. You no longer fall into the negative. No, you start to live in positivity. You start to attract what you want because you attract what you are, and what you are will change in a beautiful way. You will be bubbling with personal power and inner strength. You can develop your levels of determination, conviction, and intention.

Start this wonderful journey today! You’ll be so glad you did!

The best place to start this journey of hope, is with our 10 part course entitled: 

‘Making Prosperity and Fulfilment Effortless in This Age of Aquarius’. 

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