Jim Rajan

As a Nicherin Buddhist with 13 years of practice under my belt, I work joyfully everyday to support others and help them realise their mission in life. It’s something very dear to my heart and I cherish the opportunity my practice gives me to bring value to this world, in such a personable way. 

That’s what my work is all about, bringing great value to people. People like you. The guided visualisations and music for meditative practice you’ll find here come from a place of authenticity and empowerment. Through my own personal quest for authenticity I am finding myself at the vanguard of humanity. 

Why? Because that’s where those who aim to master their minds are, at the vanguard, on the frontline, standing proud, strong and true. Changing society, breaking old patterns. Willing everyone else on. This is an amazing, powerful time for change and growth. This is your time.

I don’t say this lightly, it’s something I take incredibly seriously. And, I’ve committed myself to this work for over 25 years. As a half Indian, half English man I never felt like I had roots. I didn’t belong to a creed or colour, I didn’t fit in, so I had to make my own story, a truthful one, an authentic one, one that I could rely on in the more challenging times. 

A seeking spirit is bound to encounter challenges, but as I have come to learn, suffering is enlightenment, as long as you learn how to transform it. From the very first moments of life I took the road less travelled, and have determinedly created my own wonderful existence ever since. And, that’s what these visualisations are for, build your own story from a place of empowerment. Building your self belief, showing you just how amazing you are.

In the past 25 years I’ve studied shamanic healing, reiki, buddhism, daoism, mindfulness and the curative arts to bring about my own growth and healing and that of those around me. But when I learnt the art of visualisation, life literally took off and underwent a profound expansion. It is the key to the future. To your future. But you have to know what you are doing and do it right from the start.

As an empath and intuitive I’ve learnt to master my own mind and energetic body, to be the protagonist not the victim. And when I took the decision to work on myself, amazing and wonderful things emerged. We are all intuitive, we all have the capacity to feel everything and our work will open that door for you, too.

For me sound is an incredible healing medium. As a composer and musician I’ve searched for sounds that bring about expansion in consciousness. I play drums to the earths’ rhythm not my own. And the bansuri flute, a traditional north Indian folk instrument that transports you directly to your source. My poetry is deeply meditative and purely from my heart. And, when I put all these resources together with these teachings, this work just sprang mystically into existence. 

Our followers have said it instills ‘feelings like flying’ and ‘floating through dreams in space’. The presence it brings about in you has been called ‘mystifying, spiritually enriching’. And, others called them ‘vivid magical journeys’. And, I’m filled with gratitude for such words about my work.

My mentors Daisaku Ikeda, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Kahlil Gibran, Rabindranath Tagore, Deepak Chopra walk with me through a universe that I hold gracefully within my own hand. And, I’m honoured to have their words by my side. 

Many say I’m an old soul. Of that I have no evidence but I know that I have lived before. My daughter tells me so as she recounts her own past existences and the deep knowing I hold in my blood and bone, says that it is true.

I’m beginning to truly understand that everything is frequency. We are simply moments of vibration that climb like a wave from the ocean into life, gaining force, momentum and sense, only to return when the day is right. It is the experiences that matter. And it is these that we can learn to control and make our own. Let us make them magical, marvellous and mind-blowing! We have every right to.

I come from very spiritually vibrant people. My father, a perfect example of Deepak Chopra’s spiritual laws of success, and my Mother a deeply sensitive, intuitive woman, a flag-bearer for the sacred feminine. And the life they gave me I have used, and used to the limit. Manifesting and designing my own existence, living with mission.

I am a listener, an observer and as the Buddha instructed, I think nine times before speaking. And this has taught me so much. To find the truth we must look further than we can see. Further than our own boundaries. 

There are no limits, only those you allow there to be. What there is, is the opportunity to have an absolute understanding of your existence. Finding your place in the history of time and humanity, and the innate ability you have to bring about great great change. Change in your own life and the lives of all those around you.

That’s what this work is about, helping you to live the best version of your life. Putting you in the driving seat, helping you to live your dreams, your truth, and your mission. So that on the very last day of this life, you look back and smile, a heartfelt smile of fulfilment, of adventures taken and won, of dreams fulfilled and of a path filled with joy, adventure, love and peace.

As Nicherin Daishonin wrote, ‘It is the heart that is important’. Life is to be enjoyed, our one true aim: freedom. Freedom within, freedom without. Free to brim with light, dance to the moon, and walk the path of a wise one, to be the one that you truly are, the one that you always were. And, I am right there with you, my friend, and I always will be. Let’s walk this path together. 

There’s a new way of living, a new way of being.

Life is no longer about forcing change, it’s about accepting it, allowing it. Assuming it. It’s about creating it yourself.


Through your imagination, your intention, having consciousness of your being in its entirety. And hearing what it needs, listening to it. When you are free and open and really connected to your spirit, to yourself, your authentic self, this connection brings you messages. New levels of understanding which you in turn use to create a new existence for yourself. A new life, new things, new states of being.

Energetically your vibration, your frequency, the frequency that your body runs at, can be changed, it can be raised and this will change your vital energy, your vision, how your mind functions and your view of life, because your environment is a mirror.

How you feel, how you view the world, and how you understand it, is exactly how it will be. How you see it within yourself is how it will be without. How do you raise your vibration? No-one can do it for you. You do it yourself, through the intention of desiring it to happen. Believing that you can change your circumstances and you will. Believing that you are not locked to old patterns, that you are in as malleable existence that you yourself control, in every aspect.

But, you don’t believe because you’ve been taught not to believe, or that belief is bad or false. But, it’s not. Belief is a force, it is courage, it is wisdom, acceptance and it is choice. Belief is choice. Having choice, not being restricted by your karma, conditioning, whatever you want to call it. Believe that you can live in a new way and you will just that. Your subconscious mind will simply create it for you because at the top level of your spiritual being you will learn to combine imagination with intention, and these two mixed produce an extremely potent force.

Using visualisation techniques we can create a strong and vibrant connection to this ‘belief’. And then we make it work for us via auto-suggestion. Literally, imagine your life, believe in that power of imagination, and it materialises. Do doesn’t happen instantly, well actually, sometimes is runs like wildfire, but with practice you’ll get it. I have not doubt about that, because if I can do this, you can.

Sounds too good to be true? Do one of my visualisation courses.

Thank you!


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