Jim Rajan

I believe that we are here to help each other. To help each other grow. It’s a basic human need… connection and sharing, and it’s how we can live in a way that is more than just surviving.

I work joyfully everyday to support others and help them find meaning and purpose. It’s something very dear to my heart and I cherish the opportunity it gives me to bring value to this world. 

As a distance healer I find my work in great demand and I’m deeply grateful for that. My Healing Ceremonies are helping people around the world understand themselves, and their true place in their own lives. When we live with purpose, using the cycle of meaning and mission, life becomes richer, more joyful, more free. It’s more than just a ‘mindset’, it’s a way of being. We live in a more responsible and responsive way and so naturally we reap the benefits of that.

And, those benefits are huge! There’s less reliance on ‘life’ to fulfil it’s part of the bargain as you begin to make your own chances, your own opportunities. You become more flexible and freer. Your frequency changes and you take everything as a learning opportunity. The experience that is life, heightens and intensifies but in a way that brings you out of yourself, more courageous, more rooted and more in-tune. A feeling of connection that elevates the soul.

I’m very much people centric. I walk this path and I walk it with you. Side by side. We are all here to raise up those around us so that they, too, can see the true nature of their own lives. That’s what my work is all about, creating value in peoples lives. Helping others shine. People like you. The guided visualisations and healing music you’ll find here come from my heart and are made to instil positivity and empowerment within you. 

My visualisation courses are about journeying. Taking yourself to the depths of your being and relearning, casting aside that which no longer serves you and breaking into a new reality. Your new reality. You will see life differently, you will feel new things, have new thoughts and allow yourself new adventures. The old cage is broken, the burden shed, the wounds begin to heal.

My followers have said this work ‘feelings like flying’ and ‘floating through dreams in space’. The presence it brings about in you has been called ‘mystifying, spiritually enriching’. And, others called them ‘vivid magical journeys’. And, I’m filled with gratitude for such words about I do.

I’m beginning to truly understand that everything is frequency. We are simply moments of vibration that climb like a wave from the ocean into life, gaining force, momentum and sense. We strengthen, we wisen, we learn… only to return when the day is right and the teachings are learnt. Our own teachings. It is the experiences that matter. And, how you behave, how you take action within them.

There are no limits, only those you allow there to be. What there is, is the opportunity to have a truthful understanding of your existence. Finding your place and bringing about change. Change in your own life and the lives of all those around you.

That’s what this work is about, helping you to live the best version of your life. Putting you in the driving seat, helping you to live your dreams, your truth, and your mission. So that on the very last day of this life, you look back and smile, a heartfelt smile of fulfilment, of adventures taken, of dreams fulfilled and of a path filled with joy, adventure, love and peace.

For me the heart is the most important. Life is to be enjoyed, our one true aim is freedom. Freedom within, freedom without. Freedom to brim with light, dance to the moon, and walk the path of a wise one, to be the one that you truly are, the one that you always were. And, I am right there with you, my friend, and I always will be. Let’s walk this path together. 

A Former award-nominated producer and director at MTV-UK Networks and other TV production companies in London, Jim Rajan has now been running a successful worldwide Healing practice for over 17 years. He is trained in Shamanic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Sound Healing.

Jim has a dedicated global following of 7000 people on the meditation app InsightTimer for his guided visualisations, music for meditative practice and weekly Live Visualisation Workshops. A self-taught musician, composer and producer, Jim has produced work for artists in London UK, Canada and North America as well as three of his own albums (The Cloud Forest, Nrty Hiran and Talisman). His work is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and of course InsightTimer.

Jim’s work, courses and workshops are fundamentally based on the relationship between consciousness and frequency. Scientists still don’t fully understand the huge influence and significance that music and sound have in the field of human consciousness, though on a Quantum level answers are appearing.

Jim works diligently with artisan instrument makers to produce specialist musical instruments that he uses in his Healing Ceremonies and workshops to create uniquely profound experiences. Jim is a teacher, storyteller, poet and the author of Boost Your Life in 30 Days (The Daily Affirmation Series).

His Instagram channel releases daily videos and inspiration to bring empowerment to those in need.

Testimonials about Jim’s Music, Courses and Live Workshops.

‘Beautiful, plaintive, evocative and affirmative of peace and hope’ – Cory from Philadelphia, USA.

I love this for a midday meditation. It’s very relaxing but not so much so that it makes me sleepy. It’s become my go-to Goldilocks just-right meditation music‘ – John, from InsightTimer

‘Hauntingly beautiful. This piece speaks to me from another lifetime. ❤️ from one of your regular Saturday morning LIVE community members’ – Catherine, InsightTimer Workshops, Instagram and Healing Ceremony Client

‘Entering into a cave and the ever changing sounds, musical notes reverberating off the caves walls and ceilings as I traveled deeper into that unknown space with no end. My deep gratitude to you’ – Jack, NYC, USA from InsightTimer

‘Utterly beautiful and captivating, thank you so much’ – Jana from Sonora, California USA

‘What a wonderful place, so peaceful! I felt connected, my heart area became warm and something inside me said: “This is true and pure richness. What a magnificent way to be reminded of my unlimited energy of creation. Thank you so much for your guidance Jim🙏☄🌈💓’ – Maria from London, UK

‘Did the first guided meditation and it was so full of wisdom. Thanks so much for pointing the way. It made many things clearer that I have been meditating on lately’ – Ciara from Wisconsin, USA.

‘Good morning. I wanted to let you know that I did that five minute meditation on love and then looked at your website and showed it to a few others who were going to check out some of the offerings on their own time. I have only done the five minute meditation so far. Later in the day I felt an incredible overwhelm of deep seated sadness. Like a very old ache that came up. This morning in meditation and writing what came up for me personally was a very old and deep seated belief that no longer serves me. I thought I would have been vigilant looking for where energy is stored in myself and blocking me, etc. This was a surprise! I fully attribute it’s coming forth to the love that opened within me with your work. Truly. So I wanted to let you know that this morning and to thank you. I am very glad we connected yesterday. The synchronicity is it’s own blessing as well as the offerings. Thank you very much.’ – Katherine via Twitter

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